Van 5 t/m 7 oktober a.s. doe ik mee aan de Kunstbeurs van het Oosten te Nijverdal. Meer informatie vanaf half augustus onder het hoofdstuk "activiteiten" x

Carte Blance

I started this personal project because I wanted to work with “carte blanche” instead of working according the whishes of the customer. Those who are portrayed have to have some level or connection with arts, or stimulate the developing of arts.  It can be in a wide range, so also music, cabaret, design, institutes etc.


As soon as the portrait is finished the local celebrity is invited to see the result, accompanied bij family and friends. During this ceremony he or she will reveal the next local celebrity. So actually this project is a relay project

De tot nu geportretteerde local celebrities:

Jan van Neerven, Willem den Hartigh, BartJan Baartmans en Joke van Veen.

on the 2nd of july the next one, which is Peter van Dijk, will see his portrait! This time not in my own studio, but in a local bar in Boxmeer, the Douaírière.