Van 5 t/m 7 oktober a.s. doe ik mee aan de Kunstbeurs van het Oosten te Nijverdal. Meer informatie vanaf half augustus onder het hoofdstuk "activiteiten" x

Strong and elegant

Of course I have been riding as well as driving coach ans horses, but this was only the start of a lifelong passion. I wanted to share my emotions by expressing my soul in my work.

Since 2002 I have more and more concentrated on the development of my own style. Just like with my other work I like to work with several techniques. Here are some of the results.

The models

The horses I have used as models for my work are from exclusive sources:

Frisian horses: en Piet van Kempen (hoefsmid te Rijkevoort) 0485-572161

Andalusian horses:

Karthuizer horses (Andalusiërs van zeer hoge komaf):

For a very special manège De