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Portraits as required

A portrait is a unique and very personal gift for example jubilees, family members, a special customer, anniversery’s etc. Else makes these portraits as required. She prefers to make the photo’s herzelf, but she can also work with professionally made photo’s.

In between the portraits you will find also some very senoirs. They are participating in a special (local) project of 90 plus people. I work on this project together with Marco v.d. Plasse, writer.

Below are some examples of the possibilities. Look also at “Galerie” or the project pages Local Celebrities and Zelfportret.


Charcoal gives the most vivid black for a good drawing. Fast and strong lines, but also soft nuances and mild greys eventually make an outstanding portrait.


With pastels a portrait gets a mild but also deep atmosphere. It gives the subject intense radiation and maximum depth.


The pencils are a very special end sensitive medium. The harder the pencil, the softer the skin becomes.


Colour pencil is a very adult medium. With lots of patience and good observation and a layered technique a sparkling portrait can develop.


From very precise to more like a painting, with pen or brush, from thin to thick, ink is a very traditional material in an modern casting.


This technique can be used pure as well as combined with other materials. For instance with watercolour pencil, pastels ink, gouache, and even acrylic paint.


In the meantime acrylics are as traditional as oil paint, with a lot of possibilities. It is a very suitable material for a layered portrait with a personal touch. Since 2006 I combine acrylic paint with oil paint. The first layers are painted in acrylic, and Else works the portrait out in oil paint. The combination in this order gives the portrait a more subtle touch.

pasteldrawing big A3

technique: watercolour and ink pen format: big A3

technique: waterpaint and inkpen format: big A3 square

technique: pastelpencil format: big A3

technique: pastelpencil and charcoal format: big A3

technique: pastel pencil format: big A3

technique: acrylics on linen format: 60 x 80- cm.